Drilling mud plant 

Cantilever Pump, suitable circulation muds, Brand by SR, RCC type 125 complete of hydraulic motor drive with adjustable speed.
Adjustable flow L/min 1000/1200 
Weight 206 kgs 
Dim. 600x400xh1360 mm

Feed pipe diameter. 120 mm complete of spherical joints

Rotary Separator, complete of hydraulic motor drive with adjustable speed from 30 to 60 rpm / min, comprising:
Rotary cylinder is constituted by screw diam. 400 mm and holes plate diam. 6 mm, 
Tubular frame with ground support feet, adjustable height
Weight 350 kgs 
Dim. 2600x800x1000 mm

Station Hydraulic, driven by 2 cylinders diesel engine, brand by Lombardini 9LD 625-2 type 21/28 KW/HP to 3000 rpm / min on the frame with hooks and Load Sensing hydraulic pump with constant power.
Oil tank cap. 30 liters, hydraulic oil cooler and accessories.
It’s suitable to operating at the same time rotary separator‘s hydraulic motor and Cantilever pump hydraulic motor.
Weight kg 370 kgs
Dim. 850x950x1500 mm 

Hydraulic pipe kit, from 3/8 


The drilling mud plant has been projected with the intent that dividing rubble from drilling mud utilized during drilling work.
It’s composed by 3 main elements: rotary separator, cantilever pump and hydraulic station.
The drilling mud plant’s activated by an independent hydraulic station or by hydraulic system of drilling rig.

Working principles

We recommend placing the rotary separator on recirculation tank or beside dip (or iron tank), containing drilling mud. 
Submerging the sucking pump (cantilever) into little dig beside the well-hole. The pump sucks and sending rubble to entryway of rotary separator by flex pipe. 
The rotary separator mechanically divides drilling mud from rubble: they are directed to way out of separator by helix inside, there they fall down on soil or into an iron tank by outfall. 
So, the drilling mud (bentonite composed) has been separated and it will conduct into the dip (or iron tank).
The drilling mud plant by PFP Pedrini guarantees in addition to separating also reusing of drill mud (bentonite composed) sucked from mud pump cutting down on it.


SPECIAL PRICE € 16.000,00

(dated April 21st, 2016)


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