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DTH hammers,DTH button bits, spare parts, air drilling foam and anti-foam agents





The lubricator is indispensable for a bigger life cycle of the material as the pneumatic motors and the dth hammers. Its function is to introduce some oil into the stream of air to grease various mechanical parts. The oil debit is adjustable according to the need in oil. The tank capacity is 8 liters or 30 liters. 

This air hose is particularly recommended for any use of the compressed air in fixed or portable job (pneumatic tools, compressors, drilling machines, ...). 
Its main advantages with regard to the conventional hoses are: 
- Economic 
- Handiness 
- Thoughtlessness and weak congestion 

- Insensible in oil 
- Resistance in the temperature and in the abrasion 

This high pressure light air hose (25 bar) is available in standard length of 20 and 40 metres.
















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